Liberti Pincus Limited is dedicated to bringing to the Pennsylvania market wines and spirits produced in limited quantities by dedicated artisans.  We offer the very best crafted wines produced from family-owned wineries who follow traditional wine-making methods and produce their wines in as natural a manner as possible.

We are an importer and distributor of limited production estate-bottled wines.  Our boutique wine offerings range from:


(Willamette Valley)


(Sierra Foothills)


(Prosecco, Piedmont, and Veneto)


(Rhone Valley)

At Liberti Pincus Limited we believe a wine’s provenance, terroir and vintage truly reflect history in a bottle. We search out and hand-select the best artisanal wines and spirits to match the finest culinary creations and food. By selecting only the highest-quality true-to-terroir wines, we match the natural synergy between great wine and great food.

We believe fine wines and spirits pair well with great cuisine, time with friends and family, culture, a respect for the land, tradition and history.